Brandon and Tiffany Verzal, V2 Content Founders

Brandon and Tiffany Verzal, V2 Content Founders

We've won Emmy awards, edited for Oprah, and trekked across Alaska for a television series. You'll see our videos, courtside signage and ribbon/fascia boards in college and professional sports arenas across the country. We've helped nonprofits raise millions of dollars. Our marketing video campaigns have helped sell out stadiums. We've brought thousands to their feet and rooms full of people to tears. We love writing, directing, producing, designing, and editing videos. That's what we do, it's all we do, and we do it well.

Why We're Different

We're not your typical marketing video agency. Our background is sports entertainment and marketing, so we don't think like everyone else. When we're filming, we gather good shots quickly. We don't need a lot of takes, which means we capture more of your stuff. We anticipate. We may be shooting one thing, but if we see something great happening across the room, we'll find a way to film that too. Our videos are not about our brand, they're about yours.  With custom video production services, from website video to content for your Jumbotron, we guarantee your video will be the only one like it around.  

video, sound and editing equipment

We were trained on the best equipment. We edit on Avid and use Adobe software for our graphic animations. We have multiple broadcast-quality cameras and a lot of lenses. Wondering about sound? Well, that's industry-standard too. Our bins are full of lights and screens: things that fly, slide, and move without bumps. And we've got a pretty sweet live setup with a switcher and the best software to run videos and music.

They can take a complicated concept with many details and make it easily understood in the final production.
— John Chapo, Lincoln Children's Zoo