Our work with the Houston Dynamo of the MLS started in 2010 with a TV spot promoting an upcoming match against world soccer legend Thierry Henry.

Since that time, we’ve produced well over 75 videos for the Dynamo that cover the full range of production. Commercials, in-stadium graphics & features, sponsorship presentations & pitches, jersey unveiling’s, new stadium celebrations, psych-up videos, team intros, season-in-review’s….the list goes on and on.

Tonight we’re working on a video celebrating their 10th season in Houston. Going through all of the historical highlights keeps reminding me of the really fun projects we’ve been a part of over the last five years.

One of my favorites was from 2011, when in-state rival FC Dallas and the Dynamo were beginning to define a new rivalry. We developed the concept, wrote, edited and developed the graphic content for this spot:

A second favorite was a video we produced that aired as part of the pregame ceremony on opening night at the Dynamo’s new stadium:

It’s been a fun five years of content for the Dynamo, and a successful 10 years in Houston for one of the MLS’s best franchises.