Let's have a meeting (we'll bring the cookies)

If this is our first meeting, we'll want to get to know you. If you can, plan to give us a tour and introduce us to your employees. We'll listen to your needs, wants, and all of the extras that make you original.

video concept and cost estimate

This is our creative process at its finest. We'll talk and talk and talk and write and write and write. We'll sift out the best, and approximately three or four days later, you can expect a concept (or three) and a cost estimate in your inbox. Usually these get kicked around your office for a few days. We hear from you, and then we start to make a plan. After that it's time to book. We often book shoots two to three weeks out.

location scouting

We'll arrive to scout the location of the shoot. This usually doesn't take long, but it gives us a good idea of what cameras and lights we should bring and how large of a crew we'll need.


Depending on the type of video you choose, we may film at a location for two hours or three full days. We may need to be in many locations over several weeks. A lot of material gathering depends on where you lead us and what we find along the way. This is where it gets fun. After the filming is complete, we take approximately a week to write the script.


We'll meticulously go through every shot and soundbite. From our fingertips comes a clear vision of what your video will look and sound like. We'll sift through music and voice-over talent and let you make your final choices. You'll send it around the office to make sure we've achieved your vision. We'll make the changes you request, and then it's time to piece it all together.  

video delivery

Approximately seven working days after we've received final approval on the script, you'll have a link to the most wonderful thing you've ever created. Imagine slow-motion cheering and pats on the back when you walk down the hall. OK, maybe we've gone too far...but it'll be great. You will be the hero. Send it around one more time, and we'll work through the revisions to make sure it's just right.

That was really easy

That's what every client says. We complete revisions and deliver the video in your chosen format on time. Did we mention, that was really easy?

I have used V2 Content over the past three years for professional video production and editing services. Since then, Brandon and Tiffany have facilitated strategy and brainstorming sessions with our marketing teams and provided top-notch insight and direction. They have always delivered on time and on budget.
— Lonna Kliment, Director of Licensing and Branding, University of Nebraska Athletics