Let me describe to you my discovery of Snapchat.  Nevermind.  Let me show you.

Snapchat Thought Process.

Me to 22-year-old Nanny last summer, "What is this you are using?"  Her, "Snapchat." Me (thought bubble), "I'll download that app.  Isn't that what my brother was using like 2 years ago...I didn't know he was up on all of the cool kid stuff...it's this the app that the pictures disappear...Anthony Weiner should have used Snapchat.  I'll download the app."

Fast forward (because you can say that if you are over 30 and know what it means) to today...my MOM who is not on Facebook has a Snapchat account.  Whaaa???  So how do you use it, how can it help you, what's in it for your business?  That's for another day.  BUT...

There are companies that are featured on your stories page.  They all have their thing, but I am LOVING the Food Network.  The other day, I watched the Pioneer Woman give me a how to course on rice krispee bars while she was driving.  I know what your thinking...no it wasn't weird.

Today it was a five step course on how to make eggs over easy.  Then a rundown of a Dr. Seuss cake.  Seriously.

So why I am I digging on this?  

  1. It's well produced.  Not some poorly lit shot with bad sound.

  2. It's short but still tells a story and captures attention.

  3. It's still aligned with their brand.  

  4. It's creative.  They can break out of the structure of television and have a little fun.

  5. I hardly ever get the chance to soak in the Food Network in all it's glory. But now, if I have 5 minutes, you can count on it, I'm going to get my imaginary cook on.

Why does this matter to you?

Sometimes you just need to know where the good content is at.  But if you are a marketer and this is an arena where your brand belongs but you don't want junk videos for the sake of saying you have content...we can help you.

Let me know what you LOVE or hate about Snapchat, the Food Network, or hit me up to talk about a video strategy for Snap.

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