Twitter has done an amazing job combining the content from their platform, with dynamic moments from Major League Baseball and the NBA.

Three years ago, the Houston Dynamo opened a new stadium in downtown Houston.  It was truly an amazing facility that fans were blown away by the first time they walked in.  The dilemma was how do you gain momentum and buzz across the city about how impressive the stadium was.  An additional hurdle was only having one game (at the time) to showcase.

We came up with the idea of using the most traditional method, a customer testimonial, in a completely new way.  We combed back through thousands of Twitter posts that occurred before, during and after the inaugural match- and pulled the ones that most effectively highlighted the experience at the new stadium.


Obviously, the spot was on a much smaller scale and budget than what Twitter produced, but it was a fantastic new way of communicating how people outside of an organization feel about a new product.

We utilized the same technique this last year for the BRIN Running Series races:

I love Twitter the most for the exact reason this technique was used.  Good, bad, or indifferent, social media gives you an unfiltered look at how customers view your product or service.  Any time we are debuting a video in a stadium or arena, I will search twitter during and after the air time to see the immediate response.  It's easy to tell quickly if the purpose of the production was achieved.

This is truly the customer testimonial of the 21st century.  It is no longer required to identify a few "happy customers", bring them into a studio and do a lengthy interview to hope you get the material you want about what you are trying to sell.

Just scan twitter, facebook, instagram or any of the other mainstream social media platforms and you will see how customers feel about what your company is doing.

If the reviews are positive, we can use that material as an effective and unbiased trumpet for your cause.

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