One of our biggest differences from our competitors is our background in sports.  When your working with athletes and coaches, you don't have time to adjust lights, measure your focus, ask a dozen questions, etc.  You have them for a few minutes...and you better be ready to go within 20 seconds of their arrival...and you always finish sooner than what they expect.

This experience is invaluable for a lot of our clients.  

Recently, we produced a new commercial spot for Nebraska Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine (replacing this spot we produced about three years ago).

Our biggest hurdles were the doctors.  Our client wanted to feature them all, but they have about as much free time, if not less, than our sports divas.

Efficiency was the absolute key, and we had to execute it to perfection.

The shoot went something like this:

5:45pm- Full group doctor shot in lobby with crane

6:00pm- shoot first doctor in location 1

6:20pm- shoot second doctor in location 2

6:40pm- shoot third doctor in location 3

7:00pm- shoot fourth doctor in location 4

7:20pm- shoot fifth doctor in location 5

We actually ended up adding an additional 6th doctor in the middle (he just got out of surgery)  and still had the shoot wrapped up 10 minutes early!  

We were really happy with the end product, especially how we were able to tell a story instead of a typical "here's our medical practice" spot.

These are the kinds of challenges we love.  In fact, there's been a half dozen times since we started our company that we've been referred to a project by a competitor because we were "the only people in town crazy enough to take that on".

Your company doesn't need to spend three hours acquiring a single shot or one interview.  And they definitely don't need to spend the money to film for four or five days for a short production.  

Efficiency is in our DNA, and we love that it always benefits our clients.